How to Become a
Highly Paid Professional Speaker

part 2

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  1. Great Video. Defintely an easy + quick strategy to identify strengths for potential markets

  2. Faith Bivens

    Sounds like a wonderful idea. Always wanted to do it but had no means or motivation.

  3. Great presentation….ready to hit the nail! Thanks so much…

  4. Monica Inman

    Part three was great even though I missed part one and two. I have your book and read it half way through in one setting. I have found it to have many great tools that one can use. I am rereading some of the chapters and thinking about them and analyzing them throughout my weeks. i am also implementing them at work as well. I have found that every job that I have held, I end of training people in some respect and I do it with ease even though the company wants me to do it for free. I also have found that everyone comes to me for advice. Somehow I am criticized for being so serious, but I am always the first person people come to for advice. I am looking into what you are talking about in your book and in your videos and trying to make the connection on how to make money doing what I love and am good at. the journey continues. thanks for all your help along the way.

  5. Janet Miller

    Natural educator. I love to educate all age categories on healthy living and other essential knowledge
    for a better life. Thanks for taking the time to give this tip.

  6. This video was great. Knowing where to place the nail is KEY!

    Thanks Jonathan

  7. Zondre Johnson

    The specialize knowledge i have is life experience. I have given myself 28 years in and out of the system for my own foolish decisions so who better to speak about life twist and turn but a person who knows it all to well.

  8. wendy gaines

    I find you to be an excited and exciting young man. Thank you for being obedient to your calling and helping those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see. I’m now involved in an endeavor that will make me an “infopreneur” for sure…..and I’m glad you’re here to guide me through. God’s best to you!