"Who else wants the step-by-step formula for any author, coach, consultant, infoprenuer or speaker to connect with every crowd, get booked on major platforms, create a ton of raving fans, and instantly turn your message into lucrative streams of income?"

Presentation Power™ is January 22nd - 24th, 2016 in Houston, TX

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“As a professor who teaches communication and as a professional speaker who gets paid quite well to do what I do, I haven’t heard a better presentation on how to not only give a powerful presentation but to make a profit on that presentation! Listen to this man. He knows what he’s talking about!”
Professor Joe Martin, Tallahassee, FL (Educator Motivator)

Dear Friend,

I have a confession to make:

I used to stutter.

I used to have terrible stage fright before a speech — fumbling, dropping my notes, sweat pouring out.

Deep down, I never thought I was “smart enough” or educated enough to deserve to be in front of an audience.

I tried so hard to be like the successful speakers that I lost my personality in the process.

I got lukewarm receptions from groups, but never anything exceptional. I did a “good” job, but rarely did I persuade people to take action.

But all of that changed in one day …

That’s the day I decided to STOP imitating others and start speaking in a natural way. I dropped the false image and started being real.

And a funny thing happened. The more transparent I was in my speeches, the more people bought into my solutions.

My business grew. People were persuaded by what I had to say.

I became National Speaker of the Year … spoke on bigger stages … and helped a ton of people.

The game had changed forever.

What made the difference?


You see, the more you connect, the more you collect. Your audience must buy into you personally before they’ll buy into what you’re selling — whether it’s your service, your product, or your leadership ideas.

Now here’s what’s exciting: You don’t have to be a polished speaker. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to act like someone you’re not. None of that matters!

All you have to do is connect with your audience.

Connection Is Key! Those who don’t understand business foolishly think it is “soft” concept. The most successful among us know otherwise. The highest achievers in business have figured out that connecting to people, inspiring them, getting them to buy into your ideas, and moving them into action is a tool that multiplies your influence and your power. It is the key to achieving your greatest goals.

Connecting with people is a rock-solid foundation for success in your leadership, selling, customer service, effective meetings, conference calls, teleseminars, and highly-profitable webinars—you can’t do any of that until you first make a connection.

And I’m living proof that you can go from “mess to success” as a persuasive speaker.

Because once I learned how to connect with my audience, all sorts of incredible rewards started pouring into my life. Here’s what’s possible when you take your speaking skills to the next level


What has gotten me booked and rebooked on ABC, Fox News, and Headline News, radio, and national print publications like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Essence was not being polished or perfect. It was learning how to CONNECT with my audiences. Most importantly, mastering this skill enabled me to walk away from my corporate job and live my mission to help people live bigger lives.

Once you see the difference between “giving a speech or sales pitch” (aka—the old-fashioned way) and strategically connecting with people, you’ll never approach the way you promote your business the same way again.

Presentation Power™ shows you how to connect with your buyers during:

  • Platform presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Teleseminars
  • Webinars
  • Television, radio, and print interviews

A small group of speakers just like you learn how to craft their workshops and presentations so their audiences stay engaged, and I walk you through the process. This is what makes Presentation Power uniquely different from other events.

Presentation Power™ is perfect for you if you want help with:

  • Developing and perfecting your “Signature Story”
  • Adding humor to bond with your audience (even if you’re not funny)
  • Strong openings and closings that work like a charm to grab your crowd’s attention and not let them go
  • Arranging your material so it’s simple to for you to remember and them to repeat to others
  • Transitions from one point to the next without getting stuck or losing impact
  • Turning your life story into brandable material that is unique and memorable
See How these Top Speakers Have Been Impacted by Jonathan Sprinkles’ Advice

You will be able to:

  • Sell tons of books, coaching, and consulting services
  • Get rebooked by the same organization who would love to have you back (create guaranteed income)
  • Be referred to countless others who can book you to speak for their organizations (zero marketing costs!)
  • Raise your fee due to increase in demand for your message.

“Jonathan Sprinkles’ Cash Cow principles have brought our business to a new level!”
Megan Zucaro, Belton TX (Investment Advisor & Mrs. Texas)
These essential skills are not an option for you if you’re serious about taking your career to a higher level. Delaying the inevitable won’t get you paid faster…. Taking action will.

Forget what you’ve heard from “experts” about what worked in the past. Times have changed. Audiences’ attention spans have changed. As one of the busiest speakers around, I am going to show you what will work for you right now…and how to prepare for the huge shift just around the corner.

Our time together will blow by as I also share with you:
  • How to find the presentation style that works best for your personality (finally have the freedom to be yourself and people will love you).
  • Which parts of your personality and life story to magnify so you relate better to your audience…without pandering or sucking up.
  • How to take your everyday experiences and turn them into unforgettable stories that compel people to invest in your products and services.
  • How to use your nervousness to get the audience to root for you (hint: the more you screw up the better).
  • How to ethically plant seeds for product sales and social media follow-up so you can serve more people with your message.

AND…I am the only person in this industry who gives you Live Presentation Power™ Makeovers!

You do a portion of your talk on stage. I stand there with you, coaching you on small tweaks that will bring out the hottest elements that add tension, drama, and humor so you look like star on stage.

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Again…NOBODY does this! Marketers and business gurus do hot seats, but nobody gives you on-the-spot training that gives you immediate results. You will walk in one way and walk away different.



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