Who Else Wants Access To The Secret Guy Behind Jonathan’s Facebook, YouTube and Marketing Success?

By YOUR request, I’m bringing my #1 guy out of hiding
and making him available to you…for one day only!

Hey there!

During our last two coaching calls over the past couple weeks, many of the people who are coming to Presentation Power™ have been asking me questions about how they look in their printed materials and their social media presence. Unfortunately, the answer has been the same…

“Not the way a highly-paid expert and authority should!”

You’d be amazed at how many people have made the following crucial mistakes:

•    Taking pictures outside

•    Using a point-and-shoot camera vs. professional SLR camera

•    Doing a “glamour shot” pose (I’ll explain in detail why this kills your credibility)

•    Posting photos in non-memorable, unbrandable attire


These are just a few of the mistakes I see. Frequently.

I asked a few people if they needed new photos and they unanimously said, “Yes!” I then asked if it would be an extra benefit to have me there to coach on them the “right way” to do a photo shoot.

They threatened to do violent things to me if I didn’t make this happen.

Alrighty then…

I have called my photographer and he has agreed to travel to Houston for this one-time-only special occasion. I’m going to work with a small handful of people who want to have me coach them one-on-one through a photo shoot.

Watch this video to see some of these amazing before/after results:


I will take you on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The first to people register get to choose the priority time slots, so you can be in and out when it’s most convenient for you. If you wait, you will have to get in wherever there are spaces left.

Make sure you reserve your spot NOW.

I am only doing this because of the overwhelming number of people who have expressed a need to update their image with more professional photos. I am only making this offer one time…and that’s it.

Compare these A-list Celebrities

To YOUR New Look!

As you can see, this photo shoot can make you look like a celebrity in your niche (and even better than some celebrities)

The investment is $250… an absolute STEAL considering that you’ll have a coach there to help you minimize your unusable shots so you maximize the photos that add to your celebrity and you can use over and over again.

If you want in, CLICK HERE to reserve your space.

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