"Does Your Presentation Need a Makeover? See the Advice I Give One Speaker"

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  1. Hey “J”, I’ve been watching you from a distance for quite some time now. I have a tremedous appreciation for your growth and what you have accomplished — I’m one of those guys that really should be further along than I am but can’t seem to turn that corner. I have great content and delivery, working on my image right now loosing weight etc. You can check me out on youtube or my sites: http://www.ftlleadershipgroup.com and http://www.rebrandingblackamerica.webs.com

    How can I go further?

  2. John


    Your video won’t play on an iPad. I just thought you should know. I did watch it on my computer though and it was very good.

  3. You are so cool and professional. My challenge is trying too hard to get the audience to agree with me or show enthusiasm as if my effectiveness depended on their reacting the way I want them to.

  4. Cecil

    Great tips….love your energy and clarity