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This resource is my “Best of Coaching Calls” course, and it has helped many professionals kickstart their speaking businesses, define their brand, craft a keynote speech that instantly connects with their audience, and get them booked and rebooked time and time again… this is some of my best advice.

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As much as I love to give free advice on my Video Blog and free content to my email subscribers, the “real thing” is packed inside my training courses, live events, and VIP Coaching.

I want to help you model my success and present with power, so you can sell more stuff, get more bookings, influence more people, change more lives, and get paid to share your valuable information to the world. 



In Best of Coaching Call #1

On this call we discussed:

  • The top hot issues that will get you booked by any event coordinator
  • Details on when to raise the inflection, tone, volume of your voice and when to lower it
  • How to do ‘soft selling’ throughout a workshop or tele-seminar call
  • How to set the timing of your presentation when developing them
  • How to communicate your speaking rate with potential clients
  • How to get in the right mindset before you go out on stage, and some helpful exercises
  • How to move from speaking free to fee speaking
  • How to best structure the outline of a speaking engagement or seminar to produce the best results
  • How to break down your speech into chunks so you can more easily remember it

In Best of Coaching Call #2

On this call we discussed:

  • How often do you send out marketing materials to your clients, and when
  • How to work procurement department and the signing of their contract agreement for speaking
  • What specific verbiage to put in your contracts to get a couple of referrals after a satisfactory talk
  • How to read the energy of your audience and set the flow and energy of the room for your talk
  • How to manage your energy level when doing a day-long event, and not get exhausted and stay connected
  • Some effective short/soft sell questions to ask before offering a product at the end of your talks
  • How to craft a keynote speech based on your book
  • Easy ways to add humor to your speech, even when you are not funny
  • The best way to word your marketing materials to both organizations and schools

In Best of Coaching Call #3

On this call we discussed:

  • Key ways to get a lot of free talks to get your career off the ground
  • How long your bio and pitch sections of your talk should be for an average 45 minute talk
  • How to use referrals, marketing materials, and brochures to  get booked at colleges and universities
  • How to address one or two people who are a little too comfortable and decide to engage in a some side conversation during your presentations
  • The first steps for someone who wants to enter the speaking industry
  • How to develop your past experience into speaking lessons and content for your presentations
  • The best  way you can improve a topic from normal to amazing
  • How to get comfortable and build confidence connecting with your audience, outside of your  current knowledge

In Best of Coaching Call #4

On this call we discussed:

  • What to put in your evaluation form and contracts
  • What markets are the optimal places to start as a new speaker (i.e. topics and groups)
  • How to increase traffic flow and membership participation in a Facebook Group
  • The biggest tips to mastering your talk besides practicing everyday
  • The highly effective habits that very successful speakers have, that less successful speakers lack

In Best of Coaching Call #5

On this call we discussed:

  • How to properly work with a booking agent and not get caught in any exclusivity contracts that will charge a percentage of all bookings, even from other agencies.
  • A few resources Jonathan uses for  book cover designs and publishing to quickly get a book done.
  • How to develop and blend confidence, knowledge and authority to become a sought after speaker.
  • What are the most effective means to get your name out so people will contact you when you have not proved yourself as a noteworthy source of information.
  • The best tips for developing your own personal affirmations for your talk to get your creative juices going.
  • How to strategically select the organizations you speak to for no cost.
  • How to conquer the battle of self-doubt; and which books, quotes, movies, people, or media to use to help  win the war against self-doubt.

In Best of Coaching Call #6

On this call we discussed:

  • The free program to  easily and quickly record coaching calls and interviews
  • The daily habits and actions you should take as a speaker and entrepreneur during a down economy
  • The most effective means to get your name out so people will contact you when you have not proved yourself as a noteworthy source of information, yet
  • How to insert the ‘Everybody say pause’ to be effective during your talks
  • How to deal with the fear of success
  • How to continue to pursue your dream, when you hear so many no’s
  • The three major daily/weekly disciplines you must apply to win as a top speaker

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