February 23rd-25th, 2018 | HOUSTON, TEXAS
"Connection Is Key!"™
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Why Should You Attend Presentation Power™?
Presentation Power’s ™ unique curriculum teaches you how to master the human elements that drive business outcomes. Your organization will see an increase in productivity, profitability, and customer loyalty and will be led by a clear vision that permeates the company.
Why Is NOW Important?
In the increasingly-digital marketplace, your ability to quickly connect, capture attention, and influence behavior has become one of the most important skillsets in business. Attention spans have decreased. Expectations have increased. Yet, people must first buy into you before they buy into ideas.

Leaders learn from Presentation Power™ how to build trust, buy-in, and connection that makes their teams perform at their potential. This event puts you on the fast track to increasing your influence, accelerating your career, and achieving the results you deserve.
“The More You Connect, The More You Collect.”
Since 2007, Presentation Power™ has been the event that business leaders and high-achievers (people like you) attend to learn how to rise above the competition, one engagement at a time. By not just leading, but connecting; and not just selling, but building trust, you harness the power to influence change when you need it most.

Taught by multiple award-winning speaker, international bestselling author, and TV personality Jonathan Sprinkles, Presentation Power™ is a high-energy, high-content, highly-interactive experience that gives you skills that you will immediately use to position your ideas to be accepted by internal decision makers and externally to customers.

You will have "the vault" of proven systems for creating an authentic, compelling, powerful presence. will have the power to inspire actions that get results that create meaningful change.
Here's a short list of what you'll learn at Presentation Power™:
  • Project more confidence and use nervous energy to your advantage.
  • Follow this step-by-step method to connect with your audience, and get them to take action!
  • How to create your “Signature Story” that makes you stand out and memorable.
  • Use these words to instantly make your presentations more persuasive and convince key stakeholders on your idea.
  • The truth behind well-paying speaking engagements: who gets them, who never gets them, and how you can “skip the line.”
  • Subtle strategies to push “hot buttons” that make people pay attention (and say 'YES' to you).
  • How to communicate your core message so everyone in the room understands their role in achieving your mission.
  • The big mistake most leaders make in meetings and how to avoid it. If you’re doing this, you’re not getting the respect you deserve.
  • How to anticipate objections to your ideas and eliminate them before they arise.
  • How to build a huge list of loyal followers who support you and buy your materials.
  • How to package and market yourself and your company so your materials play to your biggest strengths.
  • A social media strategy designed for busy entrepreneurs. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t work or don’t produce an ROI. Do this and watch your numbers grow!
  • How to use connection strategies to negotiate better deals for your company.
Presentation Power™
Is So Much More Than Presentation Skills!
The event is named “Presentation Power ™” because you learn how to master every aspect of
how you present yourself in leadership, important business meetings, online, and in front of an audience.
You will get tools that will boost your entire organization:
Value Proposition
Articulating your competitive advantages in a way that creates intrigue and entices people to want to learn more about you.
Customer Service
Developing systems that produce a superior experience for everyone who interacts with those whom you lead.
Personal Branding
Packaging and marketing yourself to reflect your strengths and achievements.
Sales & Negotiation
Secrets for learning your prospect, solving their problems, and closing the sale.
See What Others Are Saying About
Jonathan Sprinkles
“Jonathan’s systems create visible, sustainable changes in your organization.”

Brian Tippens, JD
Chief Diversity Officer, HP
Palo Alto, CA
“I immediately implemented what I learned from Jonathan and won a huge consulting contract with a Fortune 100 corporation.” 

Sonya Shelton
Executive Leadership Consulting
Los Angeles, CA
“Presentation Power™ has been one of the best choices I’ve made. I have gone from being an introvert and afraid to speak in public to having total confidence. I am now getting breakthrough results with my staff, my patients, I have written a book and am doing TV appearances!” 
Saam Zarrabi
Rodeo Dental (9 Locations)
Fort Worth, TX
  • Increase your influence. Persuasively communicate your vision to your team, key decision makers, and to other business units
  • Own the room at your next meeting
  • Package, perfect, and promote your personal brand
Chiropractors, Dentists and Health Care Professionals
  • Strategically brand yourself to separate your practice from others in your field
  • Create a patient experience that WOWs them from the initial assessment until they become patients
  • Articulate your vision so clearly that your team supports you 100 percent and owns their role in achieving success
  • Communicate your council's key initiatives internally, to your corporate partners, and your members
  • Sponsor your members as a member-retention tool
  • Use new branding strategies to promote your council to local businesses and the community
Entrepreneurs, Financial Services & Sales Professionals
  • Tell your business' story so that people trust you, respect your capabilities, and want to do business with you
  • Create a value proposition that instantly makes you stand head and shoulders above your competitors
  • Connect and network with suppliers and providers in an intimate setting
Will You Be The Next Presentation Power™ Success Story?
Dear friend and future attendee,

If there is one thing I know, it is people. I know how to connect with people. I know how to move people to action. 

I will show you what really works, not what the “gurus” say who aren’t in the marketplace every day like I am. The entire Presentation Power™ curriculum was built from actual experience, not theory or what used to work years ago. Some ideas look good on paper, but don’t pan out in real life. I’m here to show you what I’m doing right now to be at the top of my game. I am handing over my best tools so you can do the same. 

I host Presentation Power™ because I am on a mission to “influence the influencers.” You passionately believe in your work, but if you don’t learn to captivate a live or virtual audience, nobody will ever follow your plans or buy-into your ideas. 

I want you to have a commanding presence that gets the respect you deserve. I want to help you live your mission through your work. I want to help you shine brightly at important meetings and presentations. I want your confidence to reflect what you know to be true about yourself: your hard work, your intelligence, and your deep passion.

But…if you are still trying to lead and communicate using outdated methods, it is a silent signal that your influence will fade. The new marketplace demands a new set of tools.

Good News...that’s why I’m here.

Take advantage of my 15+ years of experience coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, executives, healthcare professionals, and sales professionals. Business people like you. 

Give me just a few days with you and I will give you the confidence and the skills that will create visible changes in your organization.

Connection Is Key!™
When: February 23rd-25th, 2018

Where: Double Tree Houston Greenway Plaza
(adjacent to Joel Osteen's church)
6 E Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX 77046

You will get full details after you register.
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It’s simple. If you register and attend Presentation Power™ and you don’t feel like you’ve earned back TRIPLE your investment by the end of Day One, just let us know. You’ll receive a fast, friendly refund of your tuition* -- and you keep all the course materials and bonus gifts as my “thank you” for your trouble.

How can I make such an outrageous guarantee?

Because I stake my national reputation on every training session. If you’re not 100% delighted and enthusiastic about your progress – and you don’t feel it was worth at least three times what you paid in newfound confidence and earning potential – I don’t want to keep your money.

*Triple Guarantee applies only to those who register via this website and does not apply to any package or offer from a previous event.
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